Solutions for self-service kiosks

Custom provides cutting-edge technology for all self-service printing requirements, delivering highly professional solutions for any application.

Our range includes: kiosk printers, self-service printers, ATM printers, ticket dispensers and OEM scanners.

Custom self-service kiosk solutions have really become part of our daily life, as we can find them everywhere: at work and during our spare time. Our range of printers is the most complete, with multiple versions to meet all your printing needs, from receipts to tickets, from a width of 60 mm to A4 dimensions for printing documents for information kiosks, multi-media printing, for bookings, bank branches, etc.

There are, in fact, several add-ons aimed at enhancing the kiosk printer functions and performance: status monitors and web servers for long-distance printer status communication, a state-of-the-art application for printing layout settings, the patented VeriPrint system, capable of incorporating a document scanner unit with print head in a single component, APPs and development settings for printing directly from your smartphones and tablets.

Our kiosk solutions also include manual and motor-driven magnetic and chip paper readers/writers, complete with anti-vandal and anti-pollution full shutter. Card reading mayalso be carried out with other modules from the iSelf family, which offers the possibility of managing multi-standard contactless cards.

The range of self-service kiosk solutions is completed and enriched by the eO 3.0 printing and reading system with the patented Print&Read system, ideal for slot machines, video lotteries, couponing and promotions and many other solutions within the gaming and access control world.

Our leading products

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