Fiscal solutions and cash registers

Custom hasattained high standards of innovation and technology in the fiscal market,placing itself among the top players in the industry.

Our range includes:fiscal printers, touch screen cash registers, cash registers and accessories.
The success ofthese products is not an accident considering the wide range offered and thehigh technological and innovative level of Custom POS products, with a designthat is distinctive and recognizable just about everywhere.

Some products,such as our fiscal printers and touch screen cash registers, are reaching everycorner of the world. Our fiscalproducts boast extraordinary features, such as the different mobile (wireless)communication systems, thanks to their Ethernet interface, WiFi and XMLprotocols, ideal for Cloud technology. You can use the integrated web server forthe real time programming and monitoring of the fiscal and operating functionsof the cash register.

PosA App is now available, an innovative andeasy-to-use tool for the automation in the fields of retail, food and hospitality.Custom developed to improve service automation, offering a user-friendlytechnology.

Always about solutions for Retail and POS, animportant point is the partnership with System Retail Spa, a company belongingto Custom Group with a strong know how in the field of IT solutions for RetailMarket. The company is in the market as a reliable and flexible partner for thedevelopment of integrated applications, it supplies technological solutions andvalue-added services, and focuses on Retail and supermarkets. Its peculiaritiesare the result of years of experience in large-scale distribution andcollaboration with the most important companies in the sector of Modern Distribution,with more than 20,000 software applications and cash terminals installed andoperating in as many point of sales.

Our leading products

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