• Point of sale / Retail
  • Self-service / Industrial
  • Ticketing
  • B2C
  • Aviation
  • Gaming

mission & vision

Our Company name “Custom” reflects our Mission to manufacture “custom-made” products, built specifically to meet the needs of different Markets and Customers. Every year Custom is re-investing its corporate profits in research and development activities.

We live in an increasingly dynamic and moving world dominated by mobile devices. The way how consumers and operators connect, look for information, and interact, is a constantly changing reality. For us, the complexity of this scenario represents both a challenge and an opportunity. We simplify each technological process with the aim of being a partner that, through a daily support, allows technology optimization and implementation, ensuring better performances with reduced timings.

Custom is with you everyday, everywhere.
The best possible solution for a simple and fast service.

  • at the ATM
  • at the TVM
  • at the hospital
  • at the parking lot
  • at a self-service kiosk
  • at petrol pump stations
  • at the railway station
  • at the airport check-in desk
  • at the mall
  • at the restaurant
  • at the supermarket
  • at the cinema, at the stadium
  • at the betting & gaming corners
  • in fashion and luxury shops
  • in Retail stores
mission & vision

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