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  • Self-service / Industrial
  • Ticketing
  • B2C
  • Aviation
  • Gaming


Custom is an Italian corporation with an international presence having a large engineering footprint.

Founded in 1992 by Carlo Stradi and Alberto Campanini, Custom - with headquarters in Parma (Italy) - has achieved 25 years of success. Custom is a leading manufacturer of printing technologies for professional market. Custom has become a point of reference for design and manufacturing of printing solutions globally while offering the most comprehensive product portfolio and product solutions on the market for Retail hardware and software solutions.

Custom is committed in satisfying the increasing demand for Retail service automation that our Customers are offering to end users. The aim is to provide user-friendly, innovative and integrating technology. We look for the best possible solution for a simple and fast service. Custom operates with 6 business units divisions in vertical markets with a strategic diversification business.

Core Business
    Boarding passes & Bag tags (printers and readers)
  • B2C
    Phones, Smartphones and Apps
  • GLB
    Gaming, Lottery & Betting (printers and readers)
    PcPos & Cash registers (fiscal and non fiscal markets)
    Professional devices (printers and readers)
    Events, Transports, Parkings automation

Thanks to the international experience of the Group’s 8 companies and to the inter-disciplinary know-how that is at the base of the business strategies, Custom has been able to diversify its offer opening to different markets.

Today it’s the only company in the world able to offer complete and multisector solutions that integrate hardware, software and service and are conceived, created and distributed on the market internally, thanks to the cooperation among the different expertises of each business unit. Custom represents the strength and the simplicity of a unique big partner known all over the world, that includes the complexity of a synergistic network composed by 6 different market sectors.

Custom is a growing company, with 400 professionals in Italy and abroad; a set of paths and different but complementary qualifications. Custom is present with direct or indirect representations in over 55 countries.

In addition to the main locations in Fontevivo Parma (Operating offices) and in Castelguelfo Parma (Management and Finance), Custom has 5 Italian offices: in Gallarate, Treviso, Padova, Ancona, Roma and a network of over 300 affiliated dealers in Italy.

Worldwide, Custom Group relies on branches all over the world:
  • 5 in Europe: Germany, in Frankfurt; Russia, in Moscow; UK, in London; Ireland, in Wicklow; and Romania in Glimboca;
  • 5 in Asia: Indonesia, in Jakarta; India, in Mumbai; Philippines, in Makati; Thailand, in Bangkok; and Singapore;
  • 5 in Oceania: Australia, in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth; New Zealand, in Auckland;
  • 4 in China: Shanghai, Shenzhen, Beijing and Guangzhou;
  • 3 in South America: 2 in Brazil, in Santa Rita do Sapucal and in Sao Paulo; Argentina, in Buenos Aires;
  • 2 in Africa: Kenia, in Nairobi; South Africa, Olivedale;
  • 2 in USA: Boothwyn and Miami;
  • 1 in Canada: Rimouski.

The group, with private equity, is still led by the charter members Carlo Stradi - president and CEO - and Alberto Campanini - CTO and Head of R&D.  Corporate management is led by Paola Grisenti, - CFO - and Andrea Faggioni - COO.

Values expressed in thousands of euros

  • 200112,800
  • 200214,800
  • 200316,400
  • 200421,600
  • 200525,400
  • 200626,800
  • 200739,500
  • 200849,800
  • 200958,000
  • 201062,900
  • 201165,400
  • 201268,500
  • 201368,500
  • 201469,100
  • 201578,000
  • 201699,600
  • 2017116,000
  • 2018120,000


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